How to find string length for a recurve bow?


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    How to find string length for a recurve bow?

    I got a old recurve from a buddy that wanted a string built for it but he didn't have the old string to measure off of. So is there a way to measure and find the correct string length? The writing on the bow says: 41# - 28" Duluth 7770. I can take a pic and post it up if that would help. Thanks Mike

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    Best you can do is guess.
    AMO standards state the bow length is 3" longer than the actual string length. Unfortunately AMO "standards usually aren't, especially with older "pre-AMO" bows or some customs.
    A picture of the limb design (recurve, semi-recurve or straight) with dimensions may make the guess a little closer, but it's still a guess.

    Suggestion, take a look at the closest size bow you have and try that string and then gauge accordingly.

    Viper1 out.
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    Viper is right, the best we can do is guess. But we can get you in the ball park. Set the bow on a table so it is setting with the tips measure tip to tip......? what do you have? Now this is where the educated guess part comes in........ take a guess at what angle the limb tips are relative to the about 50-60 degrees tip to tip length is a good starting point for actual string length. 45 degrees or less add 1/2" to 1" . If it's closer to 90 degrees, like a RedWing Hunter, subtract 1"........if you come up with a fraction, round up to the next whole number, you can always twist it to shorten' up, but you can't make it grow. Let us know what you come up with.
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    I lay out a tape measure, and then roll the face (pointing towards you when you shoot it) of the bow from limb tip (at the string groove) to limb tip (at the other string groove). If you want to bother with getting a string and seeing how much distance it takes to go tip to tip, and then measure that, that's fine too. Then, you're probably going to what anywhere from 3-4" shorter than that distance.

    Like the others have said, it's just a guess.

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    Three rivers has a video , think its how to set up a bow , with how to measure on it, if you would like to use that

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    I was in a local archery shop in the mid 80's, and I saw the guy there talking to a customer who bought a recurve at a yard sale without a string. The shop had a string with a loop on one end, and knots tied every inch at the other. The knots started at a certain length from the loop. They put the bow in a press and put the string with the loop on one limb, and then would use the press until the brace height (fistmele) was right, with the string taught from the loop end to the knot hooked in the notches on the other limb, and counted the knots (or you could just measure it).

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    I made a combination of strings for a shop that used a turnbuckle. Choose a close combination, spin the turnbuckle until you get the brace height you want, then set the string length to fit on the jig. They never used it, and eventually lost the parts. I love 'em, but they're idiots

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    Thanks for all the help guys. It looks like they tips are at about 90 degrees to the table so Ill try to make a string and see what I get. Thanks again.

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