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    I like the looks and the specs -- are they too heavy/unbalanced?


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    Should be..... CX2


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    I like my CX2, I wish it had a lighter trigger pull, but it don't affect my accuracy any. I don't shoot at the same spot at 40 yard's.the Maxima Hunter arrow's they send with it are to weak on the nock end's. I had 4 to crack on the first shot untill I got my 22 inch Gold Tip Laser IV's with the brass insert, they hit hard. I shoot off a cheap bipod from Gander Mountain, probably bust more arrow's if I used sand bag's for a rest. In tge first pic the second bolt to the right of the 2 arrow group is a 100 grain Grim Reaper practice tip
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    Thanks for the pics -- looks great!!!


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    My dad has one, and i have to say its fairly balanced weight/length wise.... Also the scope is alright... Heard about the loosening bolts, has not happened yet, nor do i hope it does. *Finger crossed*

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    looking at your grouping, that might be why your arrows are breaking. hitting them in too tight a grouping.

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