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    Pse F1 Maxis

    Who can give me an estimate on the value of a PSE F1 Maxis?
    Came out in 1997 I believe. A buddy at work wants to buy one
    from his friend and is looking for a fair value. The PSE website
    showed me specs and photo, but as for price??????

    All estimates are welcome..Oh, it's only had 5 arrows fired through it!

    Also... Any bowhunters in the northern Ohio (Copley) area please
    feel free to contact me. Looking for archery buddies. New to area.


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    hey john

    my brother in law has one and it sold new for around 269 dollars when new. does it have the solid limbs or the split limbs. if he looks at a nova he will see the same bow in the solid limbs. the maxis high let off cams made it a pretty quick bow but they did have some probs with the split limbs and have quit producing split limb bows since the maxis bows. hope this helps as for price. i would say around 150 with everything on it or maybe 75 to 100 for the bow itself. just my opinion
    rob k

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    thanks for the info

    PSE F1 Maxis info was appreciated. Thanks

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    I had the PSE F1 Maxis with matching quiver, overdraw, and sights back in 96 or 97. For a 2 cam it was a great shooting bow. I sold mine to a friend for 300.00 w/4 arrows.

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