Ikes Outdoors ATA coverage: Elite Archery (video)


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Thread: Ikes Outdoors ATA coverage: Elite Archery (video)

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    Ikes Outdoors ATA coverage: Elite Archery (video)

    Not much in the way of change for Elite. The hunter has a much better feel. It feels a lot like the Answer. The new Keracoat on the cams cable rod and limb pockets look great.

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    Thanks Ike, your kicking some serious ass this year with your show coverage.

    I just got rid of an Answer but man that Hunter is tempting. I like the Cerakote.

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    Ike, thanks for the reviews your doing a great job keep up the good work.

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    Nice videos Ike. Thanks. Shot the Hunter myself, loved it.

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    I want an elite so bad!
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