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    LH Custom FIST Quiver

    I know this is a quiver posted in the wrong place...but...
    This is a one-of-a kind CUSTOM FIST Quiver. It is a 4-tube, 18" quiver, specially made by Jim Murnak of FIST Quivers.
    The quiver is in the "Zebra skin" style and all the other leather is black.

    This quiver features:
    Zebra Pattern
    4-tube design (special order/special made) in an 18" quiver.
    Adjustable Tilt Mechanism exclusive of FIST quivers. (see 2nd picture down)
    1 zippered pouch on quiver body
    1 flap pouch on tilt mechanism body for small binoculars or release aid. This has a velcro closure on it.
    Exclusive "Break down" design for FIST quivers so quiver in in two pieces for transporting.(See Top Picture)
    Exclusive pistol holster snaps that are uni-directional so they won't come undone once you set them.

    Price to your door: $130. I take PayPal (pay as a "gift"), or of course I would also take cashier's check or money order.
    Not accepting trades.
    field14 (Tom D.)
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    Just let it float and SHOOT THE SHOT! Author of: "ProActive Archery", "The Puzzled Archer", "The Puzzled Cyclist".
    -field14 (Tom D.)

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