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    Been shooting a Wing Thunderbird for years and decided to take the plunge and get a PCH Widow and I am loving it. I am shooting it pretty good but I am having problems with the fletching slicing my bow hand. Compared to the wing, my grip is a whole lot closer to the shelf and no matter how I grip it my index finger is almost level with the shelf. It's the standard grip on the bow and my hands are not abnormally large (I wear a medium to large glove). Anyone else have problems with this?

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    No, not on my PCH specifically. Ive had that problem before though shooting off the shelf. Could be that your spine is too weak on the arrows. An easy solution is turning the cock feather in, that helped with my other bow that was doing that. You should actually get better clearance off the shelf with cock feather in, as the arrow leaves the shelf during paradox and the cock feather will not touch the bow. Whereas when you shoot cock feather out the bottom hen will always hit your shelf just a bit. Best of luck! It is a great bow isnt it!

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    Had the same problem with my PTF. Turned the cock feather in and solved the problem or lw feathers for right hand shooter solves the problem also. I don't have that problem with my PCH. Check your nock height also. If it is off just a little bit will cause the same problem

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    My only complaint about a newer Black Widow. When they changed to the newer shelfs several years ago, this started happening to me. What I ended up doing was getting a thick piece of leather and cutting it to fit on the shelf so that it raises the arrow up and away from my hand. Worked like a charm. Left Wing, Right Wing, Cock feather in or out, it doesn't matter now.

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    I think JoeD nailed it , an easy way to check it out or I was going to suggest a much thicker piece of pile fur on the bottom [shelf] and a separate piece of leather on the window.
    I know the one piece shelf/plate BW offer does not permit this.
    Just get another spare OR the old shelf/rest plates which BW use to offer.
    I think the newer standard grips offered are quite small and this has happened to me also.

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    rotate the feathers until no problem

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