Ok i just got a lone wolf sit and climb only because it was a price I couldn't refuse. I have always been a summit guy and love the comfort of my viper, but I have always been curious about the lone wolfs for their portability and quietness as they are known for. I have been looking at it for a couple of days now and I am thinking I want to do some modifications to make this stand better suit my needs. I want to remove the sit and climb bar and i was thinking about making some hand grips that would help with climbing like the api bowhunter treestand. I think it could be easily done with some square aluminum tubing just big enough to fit over the existing square tube that the sit and climb bar attaches to now. Considering there are already holes I think mounting it would be easy. Then just put something on the grip to make it more comfortable and your good to go. I could always attach a strong strap if I did want to sit and climb but most of the time with my viper i just use my arms to climb quickly and quietly. I looked at all the lone wolf mods on this site but couldn't find anybody that did anything like this. What are your guys' thoughts on this. Or if anyone has done it please tell me about how it worked out for you. Thanks