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Thread: Feral hog any good to eat?

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    Talking Feral hog any good to eat?

    My dad says there nasty he says bear is nasty too. Ive had hog loin and it was awesome but I've also had hog sausage and it made me gag dogs wouldn't even eat it, any recipes or tips would be much apprieciated

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    Feral hog any good to eat?

    Haven't had hog but bear is freaking delicious
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    How do you cook bear?

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    Well alot of it has to do with preparation of the meat. For pig, I have the butcher mix in some farm pork to add some fat to my sausage. Bears make great ground meat when mixed with a little beef. Just have to have a good butcher.
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    Re: Feral hog any good to eat?

    The smaller the hog the better.
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    You should really read up on parasites... just saying make sure you cook it well... boar have a ton of parasites...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeepFried View Post
    The smaller the hog the better.
    As with most animals... this is true.
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    I've eaten feral hog a few times and it's the best pork roasts I've ever had!
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    Like any wild game. It is how it is taken care of from the very first finding it. Processing, how it is cooked, and so on. Sausasge-it all depends on how and who made it.
    Keep it in mind with Hogs and Bear their meat needs to be cooked well done-----as others said they are big parasite carriers.
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    If it is female, shouldn't be too bad. A male on the other hand will get a nasty taste due to the testosterone. I grew up raising pigs and if you waited to long to cut them, the meat wasn't that great. When cooking boar meat, it actually smells like you are frying pig feces, not the greatest smell to have in the kitchen if you ask me.

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    anything under 150 pounds is great eating

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuckerman9 View Post
    anything under 150 pounds is great eating
    This is a pretty good rule of thumb in my experience. As has also been said on this thread, the taste has a lot to do with how it is cleaned, prepared, cooked, etc. It is strange how wild hog meat is. I've killed 200 pound boars that while the meat is tough, it tastes OK. I've killed smaller boars that had meat that smelled bad when cleaning it and you wouldn't feed it to the dogs. I think you can smell "bad" meat on a wild hog right when you're cleaning it. If you take out a ham, wash the blood off and smell it and it smells "gamy", then there's a good chance it's not going to be good. I've never had a bad wild hog that weighed under 100 pounds though. They're always delicious.
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    Hog is wife shot a crock pot piglet and it was the best prok I have ever none. I have heard Bear is great too......never have tried it though.
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    I 've had sows close to 400 pounds that tasted fine. But a boar anything over 150# i dont shoot. They seemed to tough for me. I treat them just like a deer. Clean them , quarter them up, and leave them on ice for a few days. Never had a problem.
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    Anything can taste good if you stick it in a Crock Pot with a bunch of sauce for 8 hours I've done that with some big, old boars and it came out tasty.
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    bear is great on the smoker. its also fine when marinated and cooked on the grill. Same with hog, smoked is good, and slathered in sauce and grilled.

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    Hog is great, if they are under 200lbs. Anything much over that and they start getting really tough. The small ones (30-80lbs) are awesome

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    I really would like to get one big one to mount then I guess I could donate the meat. Then ill just target the little ones.

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