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    BowTech Insanity

    2012 bt Insanity.60#,, 9.5 out of a 10. mossyoak treestand. comes w/torqueless full grip, low wrist. also limbsavers,( I believe this helps reduce limb flake)It also has a custom string stop which allows U to use either a limbsaver rubber stop or bowjax type rubber head. a lot easier to replace , adj draw 25''-31.5. right now it shoots a 328grn arrow@ 303fps@27.5''draw on a pro chrony. it'll hit IBO nuff said.. cams are 100% nic free. can only email pics. someday someone will teach me how to post pics b4 I only. 720.00$tyd. p.m. or call 774-265-0967 bob b. will also set up to your draw preference. I almost forgot,, I have a set of Bomar draw stops that I'll throw in also w/ this deal. and to sweeten the pot, It has a brand new 3week old hamskea versarest on it. will sell w/ rest complete for 900.00$ tyd. I hope no one wants the rest. I want to keep it, but sometimes this is a dealmaker.

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    price reduced 700.00$ for bow w/o hamskea rest. can email all the pics ya need.

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    Pm sent

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    bow has been SOLD!!!

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