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Thread: Tell me about the Parker Premier Magnum...good bow ?

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    Tell me about the Parker Premier Magnum...good bow ?

    Tell me about the Parker Premier Magnum

    I have a Parker Premier Magnum, bought it from a friend recently.

    I have it setup and tuned pretty good, Hitting the bag pretty hard.

    Anyone else shooting this bow....looks like a hunter mag in

    This bow hold up for many on here....any limb problems ?

    It's pretty quiet, no vibe at all. and that's without a stabilizer.

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    The premier grade (predecessor of the premiere mag) was my first ever new bow purchase. They were essientally the same bow but the mag had an upgraded cam/idler system. I then bought a super magnum 35 and shot these two bows for alot of years. The premier mag is an absolute great bow and I still have my super mag
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