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Thread: I can't believe a bow company did this!?!?!

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    I can't believe a bow company did this!?!?!

    I'm setting up an OK DST. Shooting full length triple xxx with 250 up front. So my question is with my bow string plumb in the vice, should I be setting the arrow level with the full weight of the arrow and point resting on the blade, or setting it level with a 12" arrow and no weight?

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    "I can't believe a bow company did this!?!?!" So what did they do?

    Use the arrow you're going to be using...........
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    Thanks Sonny, needed a deceiving headline to get anyone to look at an actual archery question. Thanks

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    I'm curious what the bow company did too?

    Nuts & Bolts has a set up routine here for his DST 40, a few posts down from the top. He just kisses the arrow rest off the bottom of the shaft - but does it with the arrow supported so there is no weight at all on the rest as his starting point. Setting it with a little 12" arrow with no weight like you said would be close to this:

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    thanks Nitrogen

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    Nate.....I set mine up with a cut off arrow with not point in it.
    This allows app for a hand free set up. Set it at level. Once you put a full length arrow with point it will automatically make it slightly nock high.
    Make sure the blade thinkness is suitable for the arrow you are using.
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    I set mine up with an arrow cut down to about 9". this fairly closely simulates the weight of an arrow shaft and point on the blade while at full draw, which is what matters.

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    The common sens is telling me to set the arrow sitting on the resting point 90 degree to the string, I would take a cut arrow without a point. Once you add a point to the shaft will create you the nock clearance when you will be at the full draw...
    Now, you didn't sad anything about the bow so I would assume you've got the dst40? Set the resting point below the berger hole closer to riser shelf possible, meaning minimum clerance with the vanes, and go with the process from there.
    I would also not go full shaft length but do the spine match correctly, including full attention to the "torque tuning the rest" a bit more tinkering then you just sad but will be a pay of.
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    So what did the bow company do again?
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