Bowtech Experience factory tuning


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    Bowtech Experience factory tuning

    Has anyone with an Experience have to tune it after buying it? I've never owned a Bowtech until now, not sure if I'm just not use to shooting a double cam or if its out of tune.

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    There are string marks on the cams it should be in between them. Mine tunes great no humps or any issues. Shot broadheads out to 40 yesterday and they hit my vertical line as well as my horizontal this bow is easy to tune I will have to do a retune when my custom 28 strand 452X control & buss cables get here 8190 string on the way ahod be right after Turkey season gets here. You may have to do a yoke tune or twist up your string if it is not tuning for ya.

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    Unless you are shooting the exact specs the factory sent to you such as dw, dl exc then yes you will have to retune after setting the bow up for you. Otherwise, yes they should come factory tuned but I would check it just to be sure. Plus you should balance your sight, tune your rest exc. Not to mention that you should recheck it after shooting a couple hundred shots. Have you checked timing?

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    Haven't checked the timing yet. I've got about 100 shots through it.

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    There is no such thing as factory tuning. Factories don't tune bows, they just try to get them approx to spec. You have to tune the bow.
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    Thanks everyone. Where would the string marks be on the cams on this bow, I know probably a dumb question

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