Big Bulls In Colorado


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    Big Bulls In Colorado

    Where can a guy find some good bulls in archery season in Colorado. In a non draw unit. I have been going to Colorado for 12 years and yet to kill a bull.

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    There are few "large" bulls in the state anymore; however, each year a few are taken. Unfortunately, most of the game mgt units which have a higher percentage of outsize bulls are draw units. If you are interested in pursuing really large trophy elk, the northwest corner of the state (Units 1, 2, 10, and 201) holds a very high percentage of big bulls, but the chance of drawing that area are quite slim. I suggest you enter the drawing each year and pray for luck. It will take at least 8 years of doing so before you do have a chance to get one of those prized tags.

    If you can find an over the counter area in SW CO or in the area around the Flat Tops Wilderness area, I recommend them for a shot at a big bull. Get well back off the road and thoroughly enjoy your hunt! Bow hunting elk is a passion and more addictive than anything else.

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    II agree with rsw, there are still some pretty good bulls in colo. In the 300s, but you are going to need to plan on getting off the road. There is a lot of hunter pressure here but most of it is near roads. Even some of the outfitters hunt where it is easy to get to----in those cases big bulls are hard to find. The best areas are the draw areas but the good ones take forever to get into. There are still good bulls if you are willing to put out the effort. Colo DOW has a lot of info. about across the counter license areas----contact them

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    I am sorry to hear of your lack of success. You are not alone. Don't give up, anything can happen. The years of no success make success sweeter.

    I consider 300 big. There are 300+ bulls all over Colorado in OTC areas. You might find them when you start going places that you don't want to go. You might find them in places that nobody you know would bother looking. You might find them when you are not afraid to hike in and out in the dark. You might find them when you step away from your computer and get in shape. You might find them when you cover some ground all day everyday of the hunt. You might find them when you have a friend that will do the work for you.

    A do-it-yourself bull in Colorado is a unique experience and I highly recommend it whatever size it is.

    Then again you could pay $5000 to shoot one from the truck in Texas. Oh sorry, the big bulls cost more than that.
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    There are some big bulls here but come hunting season they are way back in the hills where not allot of folks want to go on foot.
    Don't hunt near the roads pack in, way in!
    If nothing else hire an outfitter and do a drop camp. not that expensive and they get you back in the boonies where the lazy hunters fear to tread

    Good luck this year


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    What is big???

    To some its 275, 300, 350, 380........

    There are "some" 300+ bulls in over the counter units, but they are not the bulls that you're likely to find on an average hunt. The average bull size in most OTC units are 4-5 point raghorns.

    Most of the draw units have more mature bulls that allow you to see more and larger bulls....doesn't mean you'll kill one any bigger. Seen a 280 bull killed in a unit last year that a guy waited 14 years to accumulate points in. That was the largest bull he reported seeing. We seen bulls well in excess of that. There are lesser draw areas that may give you a reasonable chance at a 300+ bull in just a couple years applying. You'll need to research the B&C, P&Y, and CBA records along with DOW info to find them.

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