Archery Merit Badge Help Needed!!!


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    Archery Merit Badge Help Needed!!!

    Helping a group of boys work towards getting the archery merit badge.

    Need clarification of the following item #4 requirements:

    b. The difference between an end and a round.
    c. The difference between field, target and 3-D archery.
    d. How the five-color ( NAA ) target is scored.
    e. How the ( NFAA ) black / white field and blue indoor targets are scored.
    f. The elimination system used in Olympic archery competition.

    I am just a hunter. Thanks allot,

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    I will try

    b. an end is all arrows shot at 1 target. ie an end at an indoor target is 5 arrows a round is 60 arrows + 10 practice arrows.

    c. a Field round is 28 targets at known distance's from 30 feet to 80 yds
    at papper spot targets.
    A target ( 900 ) round is 30 arrows at 60 yds 30 arrows at 50 yds and 30 arrows at 40 yards.
    A 3d round is 3d animals at unknown distance's, it's up to the club as to how many animals are used.

    d. starting with yellow 10, 9 red 8,7 blue 6,5 black 4,3 white 2,1

    e. NFAA field 5 for black 4 white 3 black 4 arrows shot
    NFAA Hunter 5 for white 4, 3 black 4 arrows shot
    blue indoor 5 spot white 5 blue 4 5 arrows in any spot or spots
    blue indoor single spot 5,4,3,2,1 5 arrows per target. a 1 point
    deduction for each arrow over 5 shot on indoor targets\

    sorry I can not answer part F

    Rule book For NFAA

    hope this helps


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    I believe everything which ISAA_Archer said is correct except of (d). The Gold center section has two ring inside of it. The smaller one is the compound ring and is a ten if it touches the line. The larger ring is the recurve or stick's 10 ring. The remainder of the gold or yellow is 9 points then the other rings are scored 8,7,6,5,4,3,2 and 1. If the arrow touches the line it is scored the higher value.

    PM Jim C, he is a coach for FITA and should be able to explain the olympic organization or JOAD or ask this question under the FITA section.
    Little Jon Archery Products

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    taken from the NFAA Rule book 2005 page 36

    7. Scoring:
    7.1 Arrows in the standard 122 cm target face shall be scored as follows: Inner
    Gold – 10, Outer Gold-9, Inner Red – 8, Outer Red-7, Inner Blue – 6,
    Outer Blue-5, Inner Black – 4, Outer Black-3, Inner White – 2, Outer
    White-1; all others shall be scored as an “M” (miss).
    7.2 An arrow shaft need only touch the scoring line to be counted in the next
    higher value. Doubtful arrows must be determined for each end before the
    arrows or target face have been touched, otherwise the lower value must
    be taken.


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    taken from the Fita rule book

    FITA CONSTITUTION AND RULES Scoring Values and Colour Specifications
    Scoring Values Colours Pantone Scale
    10 Yellow 107U
    9 Yellow 107U
    8 Red 032U
    7 Red 032U
    6 Light Blue 306U
    5 Light Blue 306U
    4 Black Process Black
    3 Black Process Black
    2 White -
    1 White -


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    For d.) Deezlin and John are both correct, depends on what round you are shooting. Indoors, Deezlin's description is correct - compound scores the smaller of the 2 circles as 10, rest of gold 9 and recurve scores the larger of the 2 inner rings as 10 with remaining gold as9. Outdoors both disciplines, recurve and compound, score the larger of the inner rings in the gold as 10 and remainder 9.

    For f.) a ranking round is shot first, i.e. a full FITA or a 72/144 arrow rannking round (70m). Archers are ranked 1-64, or 1-32, etc.. The OR (Olympic Round) then pits the archers in head to head competition. For 64 archers the first match (1/64) consists of 3 ends of 6 arrows (18 total) shot at 70m on the 122cm target face. Winner advances to the 1/32 round. For the 1/32 round another 18 arrow match is shot, same guidelines as the 1/64. Winner advances to the 1/16 round where, again, another 18 arrow match is contested. Winners advance to the 1/8 round (8 archers remaining at this point). I believe at this point the round then changes to a 12 arrow match shot in 4 ends of 3 arrows (memory a little foggy since its been awhile since I last got this far, lol ). Winners advance to the semi-finals (4 archers now remaining). The 12 arrow match is then repeated. Winners then advance to the gold/silver medal match and the non-winners advance to the bronze medal match. Medal matches are also determined using the 12 arrow match, however, I believe the procedure changes slightly with the archers alternating shots (40 sec. allowed per archer/arrow) instead of just shooting all 3 within the proscribed time limit.

    Hope any of this helps..................


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