Custom Grip For Titan II from Morrison


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    Custom Grip For Titan II from Morrison

    I really like the medium grip that TT provides with the Titan III but for some reason it was not working for me as well as I would of liked on the 17 inch version

    I know it makes no sense

    I tried a Jäger but sent that to John W

    I tried the high TT and that wasn't quite it so I got thinking I love my Morrison Phenolic grip. It has a slight palm swell and it just fits my hand very well .......... So I gave Bob Morrison a call and asked him what he had in a wood grip that would fit and he went thru his grips and found this Ebony MH with a tad of a palm swell and so far so good

    I didn't like the finish Bob had on it so I scuffed it up and refinished it and I'm pleased

    It's very dark almost black with some chocolate stripes that jump out in the light

    The chocolate ties it in with the brown phenolic parts of the limb and the Cape Buffalo covered quiver

    Now I might call Bob and see what he's got lying around for the Titan III

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    Looks nice JP. That hefty wood grip will be nice on a frosty morning too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Easykeeper View Post
    Looks nice JP. That hefty wood grip will be nice on a frosty morning too.

    As much as I used to not care for aluminum risers on recurves I have really come full circle

    You truly can tweak these things to your hearts content

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    Jp that looks like a higher wrist grip than my med. Titan grip, but i like how it looks narrow. I sanded down the left side of mine in the heel area as it seemed too flat or square on the back and the heel of my hand would hit it . I contoured it and then tapered it toward the bottom of the grip. I am finding that i am having the same problem with the wide flat grip of of my Black Onyx riser I feel I fight to control the bow
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    Good looking grip and good looking refinish job.

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