For Sale wes wallace r/d longbow


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    wes wallace r/d longbow

    53# 28" reflex/deflex longbow in great condition.
    wes wallace "the royal" $450 . pm your email or number for pics

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    may consider trade for recurve 50-55# of equal value or i can add cash

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    make offer somebody! it needs to go to fund another

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    price drop 400$. obo

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    anybody really??

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    lansing mi.
    i have a mamba that is #55 @28. it is in good condition but i would love to get into a longbow. i could throw in some cash for the deal as well.


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    shoot some pics if you can dave

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    still for sale , will let it go for 350 this week only or it goes in yard sale!!

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    Send me pics.

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    Guys, this is a freaking steal! I got pics and the bow is awesome, just not what I'm looking for.
    Info on the bow:
    64" long 53@28 1 piece
    Bacote riser with cocobolo accent stripe, bacote veneers, and antler tips.
    This is almost half price of new!

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    Some righty's gonna make out like a bandit on this one. WW is suppose to be makin some lovely awesome bows is the word.
    "The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane."--Marcus Aurelius

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    Hey Darren,

    would send me some pics please.
    thanks Greg

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    thanks for the kind words shane, I took your advise and I joined tradgang yesterday in case this bow don't move soon here,
    sent pics to your email soap creek

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    Thanks for the pics. That is one sweet looking bow.

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    thread clsed

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