Fox Archery Recurves


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    Fox Archery Recurves

    Anyone on here have any experience with the fox archery recurves really been looking at the maverick. How are they performance wise for hunting? the good the bad.

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    I loved my High Sierra, the quality of the workmanship is as fine as I've seen from any bowyer, it was just a hair too heavy for me to shoot as much as I'd like. Had it been 5# lighter it would still be on my rack. My options were $400 and a long wait for a lighter set of limbs or sell it and get what I needed....
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    The "Breed" looks like a really cool bow but they all have a pretty healthy price tag.


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    I have a 62" Fox Breed.

    A "50's style" bow with thin limbs and compact, interestingly offset grip. Magnificent, elegant, and flawless construction. A joy to shoot. An expertly made bow. Ron King is a pleasure to deal with, gives honest advice, shoots straight, and delivers the goods on time.

    I also shoot his Fox Traditional Longbow. Same as above concerning quality.

    Don't know anything about the Maverick. Give Ron a call and chat with him concerning your needs. You'll enjoy talking to him.

    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dougedwards View Post
    The "Breed" looks like a really cool bow but they all have a pretty healthy price tag.

    My 58" Fox Breed LH 47#@28". A shooter!Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	1699015Click image for larger version. 

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