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    I don't like my Bohning "F"nocks in my VAPs all that much and am considering your T-6's. Can you tell me how much do the T-6's weigh? Thanks.

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    T-6 weighs 6 grains.

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    This is some raw video from one camera. We are doing some experiments with turbonocks and broadheads shooting through a liquid filled 3/4 inch styrafoam box. The first test shots are quite revealing! This is a view of the VORTEX doing what it does. The final video will have two camera angles of each test shot and also a test with an arrow using the same broadheads and blazer vanes and a straight nock.
    I just wanted to post this first test . I is quite dramatic. I could not believe the splatter on the back target and will post a still photo of it.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	box shots 1 004.jpg 
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ID:	1711771

    This is the splatter from that shot. The back up target was about 2.5 ft behind the box with the liquid.
    Wow ! Even at 250 fps there is a lot of energy stored in that arrow to cause such a hydraulic splatter on the exit side!

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    This is the same shot from the front camera.
    We used a small 55grain broadhead for this shot even though we recommend only mechanicals for the VORTEX. Since the blades of the broadhead are smaller than the VORTEX vanes it flies fine.
    We are going to do this test with all the turbonock products and also an arrow with blazer vanes and a conventional nock to show a comparison of wounds.

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    This is the final video of these first broadhead tests. If you want a simple way to improve just about any hunting setup give our products a try.

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    Here is a new video with shooting by Mikayla Corrigan.
    TURBONOCKS teamed up with a Whisker Biscuit make a great youth set up (grown up too!)
    The arrow can not fall off the rest and the TURBONOCK'S nylon vanes do not wear out, or loose speed passing through the whisker.

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    Can these be used with whisker biscuits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogmann View Post
    Can these be used with whisker biscuits?
    YES!! The video just before you posted the young Mikyla Corrigan is shooting with a whisker.
    The nice thing about the Stealth and Vortex nocks are that they are made of nylon just like the Whisker Biscuit Bristles and the Turbonock passes through a whisker biscuit with virtually no speed loss and no vane wear.
    Here is an experiment I did several years ago with a Whisker Biscuit.

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    Just got this video from a new Team Turbonock member (Robert Wood)

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    Click image for larger version. 

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Size:	61.3 KB 
ID:	1727674

    If you are paper tuning TURBONOCKS this is important!!!!!!

    Most folks like to BARESHAFT tune, as I do!
    you can bareshaft the TURBONOCK T-4, T-5, and T-6 just like you would paper tune with any nock.

    What you can not do it bareshaft with a regular nock and expect that tuning to work for a TURBONOCK. The TURBONOCK spins instantly and will tune differently than a straight nock. ( If your bow is set up and tuned for TURBONOCKS your straight nocked arrows will be out of tune)

    Also you can not paper tune with a straight nock and then attach a TURBONOCK VORTEX or STEALTH !
    You must paper tune with the VORTEX or STEALTH attached to the arrow.

    The paper tear chart above is shipped with each order and show what tears will look like when shooting the STEALTH or VORTEX.
    I am going to make a video paper tuning to show how simple it is to read and adjust your rest.
    The main rule is to adjust vertically first. and only adjust left to right if you get a dead horizontal tear. after doing your vertical adjustments.

    Note: The T-4, T-5, and T-6 will in most cases paper tune out to 40 yds. I have done 50 yds with my css target bow.

    If you have not paper tuned or have never tried it is quite simple and I will show a simple paper tuning setup that cost at most $2.00 to $3.oo for some clamps or you can make a simple paper tuning setup with some masking tape and some white computer paper.
    This will be in the video.

    To get the best performance from our products we highly recommend paper tuning.

    If you take your bow and arrows to a shop to paper tune PLEASE take the tuning tips paper along. Even though the shop bow mechanic is a pro if he has not tuned TURBONOCKS he will probably have problems. The instructions should make it simple. again RULE # 1 ADJUST VERTICALLY FIRST !!!!!
    I love this sport!
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    Here is another video from Robert Wood
    If you are into Traditional hunting this should be of intertest.

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    I just set up a Golden Key rest on my target bow and photographed the paper tears. For anyone new to our products this should help with reading tears and making adjustments
    Click image for larger version. 

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Size:	47.9 KB 
ID:	1738687

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SHOT 1.jpg 
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ID:	1738688

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SHOT 2.jpg 
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ID:	1738690

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SHOT 3.jpg 
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ID:	1738691

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SHOT 4.jpg 
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ID:	1738692

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    Dude in the one video has a rifle scope
    Mounted on his bow!

    Never seen that before

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogmann View Post
    Dude in the one video has a rifle scope
    Mounted on his bow!

    Never seen that before
    Actually it is a pistol scope.

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    How is it mounted?
    Does it work consistently?

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TSSR 002.jpg 
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Size:	101.0 KB 
ID:	1742199

    Mount is a Scope Mate 2 that was designed to mount red dot sights onto bows. I had a NcStar 4x32 pistol scope with weaver mounts and had to drill a few holes to get things to line up but the sight works great.

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    Just tune my turbonocks and now it is time to hunt.

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    something new from TURBONOCK.
    We are now offering a new type of bowstring for Traditional bows. (recurve & longbow)
    The string is basically an endless bowstring, but the string is also woven
    .Name:  Bow Comparison  resize.jpg
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Size:  31.7 KB
    This photo shows a conventional bowstring and one of my new woven ones.

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    About a year ago I got back into shooting traditional . Back in the 50s and 60s it was called instinctive.
    By chance at a Fair in Pa. where I was selling my jewelry (www.marshallsmagneticjewelry.co,) I visited a vendor tent selling surplus military and other goods.
    I was browsing when I spied a bin with a bunch of Brownell bowstring. I needed to get some string to make up new ones for my bows so I bought the entire bin.
    I got to experimenting with an idea on making a unique bowstring that would have the visual appeal of a Flemish twist and the durability of an endless bowstring.
    I totally redesigned my string jig and worked out a way to actually weave an endless bowstring. I can make literally hundreds of color combinations .
    For some reason these woven strings transmit energy to the arrow more efficiently. I have done some chrono tests comparing regular endless with my new woven matrix endless and usually pick up 4 to 5 fps. I have made about a dozen of them and have them out to various shooters Including some at Black Swan Archery.

    I Have been shooting two test bows for about 3 months now with the original strings and like the results.
    I will shortly have them available through my website.
    I am going to give Archery Talk members first shot at purchasing these.

    I can usually build a regular endless bowstring in about 30 minutes. I have built Flemish strings in about an hour. The process for making this woven matrix takes about 2hours of hand work plus I stretch the finished strings on a 120lb counter rotating stretching machine I built that really sets the weave.

    I figure I can make 4 or 5 of these in a day so they will be quite limited production wise.
    I will be selling them for $50.00. I know this is expensive for a traditional string, but there has never been a string like this.
    I will custom build to AMO specs or to exact measurements of existing strings.

    until I get the info up on my website if you are interested you ca PM me.
    I am going to post several replys to this showing more detail

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    I am starting to get photos in with the new Turbonock products.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	MATT SELF1.jpg 
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Size:	113.9 KB 
ID:	1814643

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	MATT SELF2.jpg 
Views:	17 
Size:	79.9 KB 
ID:	1814645

    This is Matt Self's first deer with the new Stealth. He has been hunting with the original Turbonocks for several years.

Views: 110
Size:  5.0 KB

    This is John Brosig's first pig using the T-4 on his traditional setup. He is also shooting a prototype bowstring I designed.

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    Don't start none and there won't be none

    2013 anarchy hc shadow 60 lb/ Anarchy HC snow 70lb /2013 empire 60 lb apg / kodiak magnum

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