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Thread: Main Street Crossbows vs Bass Pro and Cabela's

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    Main Street Crossbows vs Bass Pro and Cabela's

    George owner of MSC help me so much to get a foot hold on this new hobby. He put together a SK 380 package for me and it has been a remarkable piece to shoot and enjoy. Being a complete rooking into the world of crossbows he has become a friend and I would be hard pressed to find anyone in my life that gives the customer service he has provided me. Cutting years off my learning curve and in doing so has saved me a lot of money. Always has time for my questions or returns a phone call when I need has advise.

    In getting started I bought maybe 30-40 arrows/bolts from Bass Pro or Cabela's. A few would fly right on the mark while most would be out of the kill zone no mater how many times I would shoot them. He asked me if I would like for him to build me some of his custom ones and I was all over that idea. I know he is not in the arrow building business, but when someone buys a crossbow from him he will do this as part of being one of his customers. All the pictures are at 23 yards. The first one is with the 'store bought' arrows and the second are the ones he built for me. (If they upload in the order I put them in.) The first picture was taken in no wind conditions while the others he built were in winds of 22 mph. I did one adjustment after he sent them to me on my scope and that was all.

    I will include a third picture for this and it is a 6 pack of Accustrike Octane that he also sent me to test for him. These are on the Spyder Web (heart/lung) target he also had shipped to me. I spent a long switching the tips get them to shoot like in the picture. They get kind of close to accuracy of his, but it took a lot of shots and changes to get them to preform this well. The one in the center was shot at the right top part of the target first and was low-left so after I finished I re-shot it at the center of the target and again it came up low and to the left.

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    I can vouch for Mainstreet also. He works through you with whatever bow fits you. Always there if you have a question and is aways checking to make sure the package made it to your door. Top notch dealer for sure.

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    George is definitely Top Shelf Uncle Ben !!!
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    George is such a great person and service is awesome. What the world needs are more people like George. It sure is nice to talk with someone like him, it'd be nice to have local shops with his kind of service. He has an airboat redfishing offer if he can make it to n central Florida after hunting season.
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