Game reaction to being hit


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    Game reaction to being hit

    Has anyone noticed a difference between the reaction big game makes to being hit with a cut-on-contact versus a chisel point broadhead?

    Does big game respond more (such as running away) to a chisel point than to a cut-on-contact?

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    I have always felt that the cut on impact spooks the deer less than a chisel point but of course, I have no scientific info stating that.

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    Arrow Do not see it??

    I, personally have not really noticed a reaction Difference between cut on contact and Mechanical heads. I have oh......about 60 hunting videos and all types of broadheads are used on whitetails and I have come to one conclusion........I do not know what they will do after they are hit, except die, if hit well. All deer react different. I have seen them run hundreds of yards after being hit with either broadhead and I have seen them do nothing but take a step or two and fall over, with either broadhead.

    It really is a crap shoot. JMHO.

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    The only deer that I have had linger in the area after being hit was hit with a fixed blade (Thunderhead) broadhead that slid cleanly between ribs on both sides, took out one lung and the liver. It was a doe, she was feeding when I stuck her... she hopped when the arrow hit her, looked at her side a few times, wandered around the area for a few seconds and fell over dead. (Kind of a bizzare scene)
    EVERY other deer that I have hit with mechs or fixed blades have run like they were shot out of a cannon
    I always kind of suspected that the one doe didn't know there was a problem as the broadhead didn't hit anything solid on it's way through and the bow was QUIET.
    Not scientific, but my observations of the past 15 years of poking critters with sharp, pointed sticks!

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