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    I was thinking about picking up some Nat Gear WinterCeptor fleece to either replace or compliment my Russell APX G2 Gale jacket and pants and wanted to hear some opinions on the Nat Gear or some comparisons from guys who have experience with both. I'm looking at the pullover, jacket, vest, pants and bibs. Not sure I'll get all the pieces but those are the main ones I'm looking at. I hunt in temps that range from 60 on down to 20. I know the Nat Gear will be too much for the warmer temps but I have other lighter clothes for that. Thanks

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    At 20 degrees it will keep you warm, especially if you do some basic layering. I've used it for the past 3 years and it's some impressive stuff for the coin.

    Will be sending a pm shortly.
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    WinterCeptor is the most versatile clothing that I have. It`s great for layering, or as an outer layer in warmer temps. The best part is it`s amazingly quiet. Oh and it`s Natural Gear too so that`s a plus.
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    Have used a pair of the Winterceptor fleece pants for the last few seasons during the colder months - pros: blocks wind well, butter-soft after a few washings and field use, open pattern, lotsa pockets, foot stirrups; cons: no fly...actually having a local seamtress put a button-fly in this off-season. When it's really cold I prefer my Dayone bibs.
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    Thanks guys. I know there has to be more guys using the Nat Gear or who has compared it to the Russell.

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