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    'team turbonock

    I am opening up membrship in TEAM TURBONOCK .
    I want to apologize to the old time TURBONOCK TEAM members. I have not been doing much with the Team for the past several years. Was considering retiring.
    Well , that is boring!!!!
    So I will be contacting all the original members. I would like all that are still intetested to contact me. I am looking for shooters and field trial photos with the new Stealth and Vortex nocks. If you want to participitate contact me here. or by private message.
    I will be sending invitations to the old mailing lists of Team members. Hope to see you all back here!(I will start mailing on Monday)

    Anyone interested in joining Team TURBONOCK please contact me here or by private message.

    New Team members get a Discount on nock orders. you get a free 1/2 dozen for every dozen you order.

    All I want from team members is to post a minimum of one time a month on Archery Talk and use the Turbonock Aavatar, or use turbonock in your signature.

    I would like photos an videos of shooting, both target and hunting.

    I am going to have a big buck contest for team members.

    The new TURBONOCK STEALTH and VORTEX have been on the market only a few months, and missed the last hunting season.
    Anyone using these in the upcoming season may be the First to make a Kill with the new product.

    If there are any target shooters, pros or not that would like to join the team contact me.

    This was the first big game taken with the original TURBONOCK DEADX By Terry Whitford.
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  2. Hi, i see this post is a year old, and i dont know how to PM from here so ill just post it. Is this still open to join your team? I am new to the sport of archery this year. Been hunting since i was kid. This just seems like an amazing product and i want to be a part of it. I ordered a dozen either way. I can't wait to get them. And even i cant be a part of the team I'll post an update, hopefully it will be with my girst deer or elk with a bow(turbonocked) of course!

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    I'll join.

    I am looking to buy some very soon and refletch my arrows with them

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