Crysis 3 and the predator bow


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    Crysis 3 and the predator bow

    hi, i just finished my gameplay of crysis and throughout the whole game i wondered if a compound bow like the one in crysis called the "predator bow" really exists. I mean, like a replica or something that looks like it and is functional as a bow alone. Im going to my first archery lessons during my birthday and am really interested in it. I was thinking that if such a thing exists, i would get one to add my own "flare" to when i practice the sport in the future.

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    I have no idea what you are talking about.

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    to sum it up, there exists a weapon in the game "crysis 3" which is called the "predator bow". is there an actual replica or something close to a replica of this weapon in real life that could actual function as a bow and not as a cosmetic collector's item.

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    Basically, there's this video game .. and you can shoot a bow in it. Like in almost every new game (Tomb Raider, Far Cry,...).

    Yes, itsfantasy, bows do exist in the real world. Even those with wheels on them. I wouldn't recommend using them for melee attacks, though.

    I have not played the game enough to tell if there's a huge difference between the "Predator bow" in the game and a common compound bow. Aside from the automatic reload system. Obviously.

    If you want to see a rather pretty example of a compound bow, visit this thread:

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