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Thread: Horton Sold!!

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    Horton Sold!!

    I heard a rumor from a fairly reliable source that Tenpoint has purchased Horton. I wounder how all this will shake out? Will the Horton brand & their RDT line of bows survive? Loads of questions.............Hopefull y this will help out some hunters with problem Hortons at some point.....This should be interesting!
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    I bought two Horton Havocs. Have had nothing but problems with both of them. One mech. problems the other the scope won't adjust to the right. Norton is garbage what a waste of 1400 bucs. Gave up trying to get help. I went and bought a Ten Point.
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    I hadn't realized Horton sold and stopped by to drop my bow off for repair. Well, I think we are gonna be out of luck. Been having a back and forth with Tenpoint. Hopefully I will get some better answers after today though. I finally think customer device has pointed me in the right direction. Will keep ya posted.

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    Hope it all works out for you and all owners of Horton bows
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    Isn't that just great. We just bought a brotherhood crossbow a month before this : /

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    Horton infringed on Scorpyd

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