Beman ics hunter 400


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    Beman ics hunter 400

    Why are beman 400's not a good arrow for a 70 lb bow? I have a bow tech invasion 70# and I have beman 400 that I shoot and they work great. They are faster then the beman 340 through the chrono and I don't see any extra flex when I shoot them. Is there a specific reason that I shouldn't be using them?

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    depends on the length of the arrow yours may be short enough to get away with the 400's

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    Certain bows have a more aggressive power stroke,and will transfer more momentum into arrow than a weak spine can handle causing poor arrow flight..that said I have tuned many 70 lbers perfectly with 400 spines,but to be perfectly sure you have to due the tuning..paper tuning,bareshaft tuning and walk backback you cut your arrow to length the arrows spines actually gets stiffer,but depending on your head weight,,and shaft accesories weight you.can make a border line arrow either to stiff or to light of spine also..there is a lot of good reading on this forum pertaining arrow spine,foc %,and arrow tuning.wouldn't hurt to do a search and read some of the valuable info posted on the subject..

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    If they shoot OK, the only reason I can think of is Safety.
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    The issue is the weight is 8.4 gpi. The rule of thumb is a minimum of 5gr per pound of draw weight. 70lb draw = a mininimum of 350gr. your arrow naked would weigh 243.6 if you have a 29" arrow, then add broad head, nock, vanes... the other issue is spine. most companies recomend a 340, 350, 0r 5570 for a 70lb draw at 29".

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    I use 100 grain tips and I have a 29" draw. They don't look to flex to much I was just wondering if there are any major problems with shooting them? Because I shoot them great and my bow is tuned perfect they are shooting bullets through paper.

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    What about a 27" draw at 65 pounds? These are the exact arrows I shoot, I think I have them cut too long though, they are cut to 27". I have been having a hard time getting consistant groupings lately, probably my own shooting, but wouldn't mind ruling out the arrows. My total arrow weight is 348 grains.

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