Need browning bow parts


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    Need browning bow parts

    Hi All:

    Does anyone know where I can get the plastic limb pocket for a browning Xcellerator bow. The parts I need at the pieces that go between the limb and the riser where the limbs attach to the bow. this is and older bow but shoots great and I would hate to retire it. I have glued these pocket but am not sure how long they will last. Have tried all over but nobody seems to know who might have them.

    Needing you help, Thanks, Big Dave
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    I called Browning which is now in Arizona with PSE..

    they were quick to respond and send what I needed, well, they sent something just was not the right size...oh well....

    is it the regular x-cellerator or the x-cellerator2000??

    I just sold an x-cellerator2000 but Michigander I think has another one....JB
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