Samick Deermaster vs Samick Red Stag


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    Question Samick Deermaster vs Samick Red Stag

    Which one should i buy ? Which is better ? If i do not care about the money diference between them . What are your experiences with them ? Thanks . :)

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    I haven't held a Deer Master but I own a 35# Red Stag. Both are similar bows, the Deer Master is slightly more expensive but similar quality. Funny enough, Deer Master limbs work on a Red Stag bow. FWIW, the brace height (distance between riser and nock/string) is longer on the Deer Master.
    I've handled a Red Stag with DM limbs, and the DM limbs are of marginally better "Feel", but if you're not very experienced or picky about feel, it's really not enough to distinguish the two.
    I'd look for a Traditional Archery shop in your area to try to feel each riser. If money isn't an object, then just go for the DM I suppose. Personally I like the darker overall look of the Red Stag.

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