Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Dovetail conversion


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    Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Dovetail conversion

    Hi, I have a Spot hogg Hogg it sight with the dove tail. I' am considering buying a spot hogg Tommy Hogg and combining the two to come up with a cheap version of the Hogg father. This would hopefully happen by simply adding the dove tail from the Hogg it to the Tommy Hogg front end. For those who know a bit about the Spot hogg range, would this be possible? Thanks for your time.

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    I would like to know too. Sounds feasible. Need pics

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    With a multi pin head you will only gain an inch of extension. With the single pin head you will gain maybe 2. Either way it is not possible. The dial Hogg sights do not connect the same way. The 3rd and second axis is totally different.
    The Hogg father is a very long sight. The Tommy is almost as long as the hoggit.
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    THanks for the help. I guess I now need to decide whether to get the Tommy or the father for outdoor fita. Any recommendations?

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    For pure target application I like the father. I do not shoot fita though, just 3D, and I don't use a lens outdoors, so take that for what it's worth. The hogg father is a large, long sight.
    I use the tommy on my hunting setup. For a moveable sight it seems very strong, and only minimaly larger and heavier than a hunter. It is longer than the hunter. Nice thing about the father is the dovetail to tailor your sight picture to your peep size.
    sine labore nihil

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    You should also check out the boss hogg.

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