Tac in the rain

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    Tac in the rain

    Do any of you hunt in the rain with your tac15i bows, if so, how do you dry and clean up your tac? Are there any precautions to take before or after hunting in the rain?

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    We get a monsoon season here. My process is the same for dry weather before each outing. Scope cover stays on, string and cables waxed, Microlon on the axles. Clean and dry it with a towel when I get home. It goes in the bedroom at night with the AC on to properly dry it out (especially the scope) as the humidity is what causes most of the corrosion in my neck of the woods, not so much the rain.

    Parts that live indoors but not in Air Conditioning will rust rather quickly round here if not lubed or otherwise protected. Then there's the mould....

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