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If you are paper tuning TURBONOCKS this is important!!!!!!

Most folks like to BARESHAFT tune, as I do!
you can bareshaft the TURBONOCK T-4, T-5, and T-6 just like you would paper tune with any nock.

What you can not do it bareshaft with a regular nock and expect that tuning to work for a TURBONOCK. The TURBONOCK spins instantly and will tune differently than a straight nock. ( If your bow is set up and tuned for TURBONOCKS your straight nocked arrows will be out of tune)

Also you can not paper tune with a straight nock and then attach a TURBONOCK VORTEX or STEALTH !
You must paper tune with the VORTEX or STEALTH attached to the arrow.

The paper tear chart above is shipped with each order and show what tears will look like when shooting the STEALTH or VORTEX.
I am going to make a video paper tuning to show how simple it is to read and adjust your rest.
The main rule is to adjust vertically first. and only adjust left to right if you get a dead horizontal tear. after doing your vertical adjustments.

Note: The T-4, T-5, and T-6 will in most cases paper tune out to 40 yds. I have done 50 yds with my css target bow.

If you have not paper tuned or have never tried it is quite simple and I will show a simple paper tuning setup that cost at most $2.00 to $3.oo for some clamps or you can make a simple paper tuning setup with some masking tape and some white computer paper.
This will be in the video.

To get the best performance from our products we highly recommend paper tuning.

If you take your bow and arrows to a shop to paper tune PLEASE take the tuning tips paper along. Even though the shop bow mechanic is a pro if he has not tuned TURBONOCKS he will probably have problems. The instructions should make it simple. again RULE # 1 ADJUST VERTICALLY FIRST !!!!!