Tree Stand Seat Replacement Maker Markets New Product For Hunters
Rimlo Products LLC says Supreme Slumper™ replacement seat is comfortable, durable and fits most brands of tree stand. Visit
Comfortable, sturdy and durable replacement seats for tree stands used in deer hunting
Milwaukee, WI (PRWEB) July 23, 2013

Specialty supplier of hunting equipment Rimlo Products LLC of Kiel, Wisconsin has begun marketing a comfortable, sturdy and durable replacement seat for the tree stands used by hunters. Guaranteed to fit most brands on the market, the Supreme Slumper™ replacement seat is available only online.
“We focus on making the deer hunting experience as rewarding as possible, but our premium hunting seats and cushions will delight anyone who finds pleasure in the great outdoors,” says Rick Helke, president of Rimlo Products. “We use the thickest foam cushions on the market, fabric that is extremely soft, quiet and water repellant— and a new buckle system that makes installation quick and easy.”
The new seat is sling-type and includes several useful innovations.
“It has padded sides which help block the wind and keep hunters warmer,” Helke notes. “Few things are more distracting than a cold November wind blowing across your back on a hunt. The Supreme Slumper™ also features a front accessories pocket that hangs down—or clips up and out of the way. This can hold things for quick access: binoculars, range finder, hunting calls, a camera, etc.”
The accessories pocket’s design also allows it to swivel—so regardless of position, everything stays put and ready for use, Helke adds. And it’s made of a sturdy nylon mesh that lets the user see exactly what’s inside.
Rimlo Products LLC is a family-owned supplier of quality products proudly made in the U.S.A. Visit them at