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Thread: LP light for FITA Filed

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    LP light for FITA Filed

    I am getting ready to shoot a FITA field round and decided to go with an up pin vice a dot on my lens with that being said I use a blue fiber and LP light kit for 3D is this set up legal for FITA field shoots.

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    Nope. Cant have electronics on a bow for FITA events.

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    thats the way i read the rule as well.... what color fiber do you recommend. I am thinking red...

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    Red is actually one of the hardest colors to see...and it is the dullest color as far as fibers go. If your color blind at all red is probably a no no.

    The brightest color is green....I prefer orange. But yellow and green also work for me...but I can also use red during the summer when there are no leaves on the trees.

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    I like blue fiber. Used it the couple years I shot 3d and never needed the light on. Used it for 1 field course and never had an issue. Use it for hunting as well, and only time I needed a light is if I was in a blind. To me, its the brightest on all color faces.

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    Black target with a dull gold center causes a lot of problems choosing colors. In the past I have used an orange or green stick on dot. This year I will use a red fiber so it doesn't wash out as much.
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    I had a red 0.019" fiber (for Field scope) before and wanted a black dot for FITA scope. FYI both are 29mm with a quick swap on my Shibuya CPX
    so, loaned a 0.160" dot from a friend, it was perfect for 90-70 but it was just way to big covering the gold entirely (9's and the 10) on 50
    so got myself a 0.140" black dot and my 50 scores improved a lot
    these changes all within a month....some of my friends having orange or red dots, all depends I guess from person to person. I need something high contrast....
    but than...what about having a glow fiber that size instead of a black dot?
    so ordered from Shrewd several sizes and after a first minute I just love that 0.120" red fiber big enough for 70-60 not much room aroound in gold and big enough for 50 as well, I would say comfortable size...
    so...don't be afraid to try different scenarios...
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