2014 Bear Archery Sneak-Peak


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    2014 Bear Archery Sneak-Peak Link??

    Found this link on another forum....


    With the exception of the grip (shoots OK, but doesn't setup optimally in hand), I still love my Carnage. ~ Just had it restrung and paper tuned.
    Valley feels better than when new (valley is there, but less pronounced)... And boy does it send a very fast & "forgiving" arrow! (Seems faster than ever due to string configuration.)

    As for the 2014 Bear bows: No idea of cam configurations (or for the validity of the information) as presented on the link above...
    But if the info is true, I sure hope the Agenda 7 is a single cam setup! ~ I doubt it though.

    Update: Just found this link here on a/t too..... http://www.archerytalk.com/vb/showth...ight=2014+bear
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    the agenda is ugly as sin
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    bears website has all the 2014 models up on it anyway.... just updated it
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