Dear Valued Members
We need your help!!
As you know ArcheryTalk is a family site, we are asking all members to review their posts & avatars for any inappropriate sexual content. Below is a general list of site violations.

Adult or Mature content includes, but is not limited to, images or videos containing:
• Strategically covered nudity
• Sheer or see-through clothing
• Lewd or provocative poses
• Close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches

If you have posted any pictures, images, video or your avatar is in violation please removed it and PM me.
If you are unsure if your post or avatar violates site rules please ask any of our Mod/Admin Team.

This is a friendly request ~ we do need to resolve this ASAP ~ this includes members who's avatar was previously approved!

The Mod/Admin staff is helping contacted members who need to removed items but there will not be any infractions unless you choose to not remove image or video.

If you have questions Please ask!!

Thank you for all your help
Your very grateful ArcheryTalk Team