Easton Acquires Delta MacKenzie Sports Products


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    Easton Acquires Delta MacKenzie Sports Products

    Salt Lake City, UT - Easton announced the acquisition of Delta Sports Products. "We are very excited to work directly with the Delta McKenzie brand and bring them into the Easton family of products," states Shane Michelli, President of Easton Technical Products. "As an industry leader in high performance outdoor gear, it is crucial that Easton continues to acquire brands that are of value within our industry. Delta and McKenzie are brands that mimic our vision and will be refreshed with our ability to bring innovative designs utilizing superior materials and technologies,"

    AT News

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    I wish them success. Easton has done a great job with their arrows and Hoyt. I hope to see the target lines return to their former glory.
    What I use:
    2015 Hoyt Podium X40 (Two of them)
    2017 Prevail 40 (In Waiting)
    2013 Hoyt Matrix AP Snow

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    Are they making any changes to the material?

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