Want To Buy Myles Keller Impact Plus cams/modules


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    Myles Keller Impact Plus cams/modules

    Friend of mine purchased an old myles keller compound. He needs to adjust the draw length, so he needs new modules. I was told the cams are a darton cam, so I should be able to get some for him. Anyone know if that is true? And if so, anyone know where I can get them for him? I'm located in Canada. It's an impact plus, and he was told at a local bow shop that it isn't adjustable. I know some of them were. He isn't local to me so I can't look at it in person.

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    The XI bow company went out of business over 20 years ago. You will have a very hard time finding parts. There are two options that I know you can try. First, the Canadian distributor for XI, when they were in business, was Monsen's sporting Goods. They are located in Peterborough 705-748-6811. Ask for Gerve. He is the warranty guy. If that is a no go, then call Saugeen Shafts. Also in Peterborough. 705-749-1533. I worked there for 25 years, and they have a huge box of old modules. You will have to be very specific on what the code is on the module you need. They may be able to help. Good luck. Tim

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    Thanks Tim, I actually found out the draw is adjustable from 28"-31", the guys at his local bow shop told him it wasn't. Figures, poor guy. I will get him set up when he gets down my way. I appreciate the info!

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