finaly mxb 320 crank cocker

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    finaly mxb 320 crank cocker

    ok guys got 1 to work and real easy, ok first i got a parker sidewinder from wyverncreations great folks to deal with and best price i could find $119. ok first thing is the parker hook are turned wrong way to hook on string, so i removed them and instaled the ones off of the stock mission rope cocker and presto it hooks right on the string and loops back around the factory pull stud, then i removed aprox 1 inch off of the bottom of the butt plate on the cocking unit then it fit right on the butt plate of the xb, i cocked it a few times and all went well, i am although going to remove the butt plate from the xb and reinforce with epoxy just to give it more strength, i,d post pics butt my dig camera took a crap, so if anyone wants a pic mess me ur cell and i,ll send you one,

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    Any pics of this? Thanks

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    I have one of those, actually I rehabed it to fit an Excal once. Now just shoot bows I can cock by hand...for now. But at 73, I may need to rely on your fix for my 320. Nah, that thing is so easy cocking even an old fart can do it.
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