Where can I get vortex broadheads?


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    Where can I get vortex broadheads?

    I've been using vortex broadheads forever, since I was a teenager. I really love the 2 blade 100s and 125s but it seems like they might be out of business. Anyone know of a stash I can find?

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    Lancasters I think, or it might have been Papes? Check on line at one or the other, can't remember which catalog I saw them in. I also love them, and have killed a lot of deer with the old 125 version. I think I still have a couple un-opened packages around, dont know why I went with the newer desighns, the Vortex was the quickest killing broadhead I have ever used.

    The Shwackers look pretty good also!!


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    I just heard they were going out of business. I've been shooting the 100s since 1994. Great and simple broadhead with superior results. Lancaster and Yeoldarcheryshoppe.com usually carries them.

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