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Thread: Acorns 2013 ?

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    Acorns 2013 ?

    After a bumper crop of white oak acorns last year here in my part of Maryland we have almost zero white oak acorns. There are some pin oak and red oak acorns but not many. What about other parts of the states??? Rick

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    Here in central mo there are so many big white oaks producing I'm having a heck of a time patterning deer. Can't decide if that's a good or bad thing lol
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    Here is southeast Pa I am seeing a crazy mast crop this year where I hunt, red oaks, white oaks, not to mention hickory nuts falling like bombs all day long.
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    In north fl and we are also slack on Acorns

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    Next to nothing in southern Virginia.

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    No white oak acorns here in Northern Virginia this year. A few red oaks and some isolated pin oaks. Deer will be in the fields and creek bottoms this year.
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