G5 Quest Bliss Cam experience?


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    G5 Quest Bliss Cam experience?

    Hello everyone, been home today recovering from having the appendix out Saturday. Been working on the wifes bow. I got her a 2013 Quest Bliss. Took it out of the box, all the specs seem to be dead on. If you check the draw length though according to their chart of settings for the mod and the draw stop, I found mine to be exactly 1/2" off and the letoff being more around 60% if that with little to no valley.

    I did some experiencing, and if i go to the 24" module setting and take an additional number out of the draw stop (allowing the cam to roll over a little more) i end up with a 24.5" draw but a decent valley and better amount of let off. Is there anything wrong with doing this from a performance aspect? I tried to call G5 because i couldn't believe the draw was off 1/2" from the chart out of the box but i checked it 3-4 times on my draw board.


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    Nothing wrong with doing that.
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    The draw stop positions in the manual are really only for reference, and probably aren't exact. The exact position can depend on the exact timing of the bow, which can differ quite a bit in production. Most bows have a draw length tolerance of +1/4", so the bow probably hits performance at 24 1/4" instead of 24" exactly.

    But there shouldn't be anything wrong with setting the stop back a little further until you're comfortable with it.

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