Easton AC Super Slim 400


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    Easton AC Super Slim 400

    Im looking for AC Super Slim 400 Arrows or shafts for sale...New or used..Thanks

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    Still looking...

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    I found some
    Prime Defy PCXL, Prime One
    Gillo G1 Inno EX Power, Ghost Border CVB. Hex6 BB2 long (Delamed)
    Border Harrier Royale, Bear Grizzly BGC, Timberpoint Odyssey III, Whippenstick Phoenix.
    Bernie's Dragon XL, Carbofast stabilizers

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    What length? I have 9 that are 27"...

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    ok i been off line for a while Archametes do u still have the arrows and if u do how much?

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