whisker biscuit & carbon arrows


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    Question whisker biscuit & carbon arrows

    I just bought some carbon arrows and was wondering if I should buy a new, smaller replacement disk for my whisker biscuit. (the arrows are very loose in the current disk) Also, are there any ways to quiet down the rest as I draw back? Thank you for the advice!!!

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    I shoot carbons through the big aluminum disc and it works great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKDoug
    I shoot carbons through the big aluminum disc and it works great.
    Diito this.

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    Carbons actually work awesome through both disks. Keep in mind that you can also adjust the disk somewhat to the diameter of the shaft if you want.

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    I also use the larger Whisker, and use carbon arrows. The arrows fly good for me...........

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    the bigger hole is not a problem. If anything it gives you less ware on vanes and or feathers. I shoot the small carbon axis thru the wb alum and it shoots the best ever.
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    Big is "GOOD" with the Biscuit I have found that arrows with slicker surface are more quiet,rough surface camo's are the loudest.I shoot GT xt hunters thru mine and they are plenty quiet

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    thanks for the help

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    I shoot carbon through the small one for carbons and have had no trouble for 3 years.

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    CAP recomends the biscuit fits very lose. I can see light around the arrow except at the very bottom. The noise will get better as the biscuit gets broken in. If you are shooting camo arrows they will remain a little noisy, try spraying them with 100% silicone spry (I use Kel).

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