Another 200" CAMX Whitetail

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    Another 200" CAMX Whitetail

    Congratulations to CAMX Pro Staffer Scott Esker who shot this magnificent 16pt Ohio Giant this past Wednesday. This deer is right at 200" gross with a broken main beam and G4. No doubt this buck grew the bone to be a 200 plus. Getting officially scored today by SCI. No matter what the numbers are this is a great buck.

    Not just a crossbow hunter, Scott has killed 11 species with his vertical bow which include 2 P&Y Elk, Mountain Lion, Black Bear and 16 Whitetail Deer. His best is a Giant 240 3/8" gross Ohio Whitetail taken in 2008.

    Low Res.jpg


    Twin brother Steve Esker, who has 4 (YES four) 200" plus crossbow kills to his credit, shot this great 180" buck early this month. The Esker's like many are rocking the Chaos 325!



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    wow those are world class bucks, awesome job nice shooting!
    Dakota Hunter Recurve 52# @ 28''~62''-Zwickey Broadheads

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    ELITE TEMPO!! Get In The Woods!!

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