Pse viper copperhead

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    Pse viper copperhead

    So i just got a used copperhead from my wifes cuz and i have a few questions, how do i find the year it was made,it saposed to be a 150lb draw but everyone says its way to easy to pull back to be 150lb and the guy at my bow shop said its cranked to the max but he cant test the lbs so i don't know whats up and it just feels slow...its saposed to be 265fps but really don't feel that way couse it has a noticeable arch when shot at 20+ yards,i know it needs a new string but could it realy have stretched out that much?? Please help me here.

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    It does look like the string has quite a bit of wear. I doubt it would have dropped much poundage from string stretch, the cables (steel) is where the majority of the poundage comes from. Are you shooting carbon or aluminum bolts? The carbon bolts would be fastest. It's hard to tell without pulling it with a scale to check exact poundage. Can your local shop shoot it through the chrono to see how many fps you are shooting? That could be a good starting point. I would be careful with the center serving broken on the string, I've had/seen crossbows blow up and it's not a fun day.

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    PM me if I can help, we sell a decent number of these at the shop -Blake

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    Im using carbon arrows and i dont have a shop around me that can check lbs maby fps though also im having trouble sighting it to my new scope its dead on at 20yrds on the top line of 5 lines but when i try 30yrds on the second line its way low like 6in low and i cant bring the scope up anymore its topped out...and the scope i for 150lb crossbows so i dont know what is going on...also it was dryfired twice today on accident by my cuz forgetting to put an arrow on it but all seems well and not broken cept for a couple strands of the string so im not going to shoot it till my new string comes in this week.

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    Also is there a way to up the fps? Like shorter buss cables or something? 265 seems awfully low to me couse most are 300+ and i wNt to be able to kill easy at 50-60 yards

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    It would be really hard to shorten the cables, they are steel and crimped on the ends. Do the cables look ok after the dry fire?

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    Yea they look fine

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