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    Sage grip mod

    I love shooting the Sage, but I find the grip a little thick and uncomfortable, and I wanted to deepen it a bit so the shelf rests a bit over my hand. Has anyone done this? I was thinking that I could sand down the grip (by 1/4'), but I was worried that this may compromise the riser. Probably just being a little paranoid as it looks very solid - I would not be sanding past the lamination (i.e. going from the dark to light stain on the grip). I'd like to know if this has been done before and if it was successful.

    Thanks everyone!

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    I've thought the same thing. THere was a post here where someone completely reworked the riser and i don't think it compromised it. That said, i started rethinking my grip and realized i was torquing a bit and it was pinching the 2nd knuckle on my thumb. Once i corrected for it and tried to ensure for a straighter grip it felt better and my shot consistency improved so go figure.

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