Never shot a bow


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    Never shot a bow

    Hi, Ive read and watched a lot of forums to glean all your information for awhile now. Sadly im still a giant noob. Ive never shot a bow but I intend to buy one within the next month. Im here to pester you for all your knowledge Im an avid fisherman, i like to camp and have hunted with rifles and shotguns. I've always wanted to learn to bowhunt and now seems as good as ever with all the gun restrictions coming about.

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    Greetings Shocka Boom,

    If you enjoy hunting, then you might enjoy using a bowfishing bow. You would be able to pick one up relatively cheap and it would give you a more relaxed way to practice shooting a bow and arrow. Stick to the sport and make sure to practice, and I am sure that you will gain just as much love for bows as you do with the other sports you participate in.

    Best of Luck,

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    Ive thought about bow fishing but where I live in Florida its mostly illegal and the species you can get aren't located within 75 miles. =/ I moved inland to bass country lol

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    75 miles is the tipping point. Anything closer might have still been a trip for myself, but I understand that 75 is a bit far.

    Do you have an idea for the type of bow that you are looking for? Recurve? Compound? Longbow?

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