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Thread: apa kill thread

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    apa kill thread

    lets see some animals people have taken with their apas, had a doe at 25 yards yesterday but never got the shot I wanted, gotta wait til Monday to giver another go
    went trad, not looking back
    samick journey 40 at 28
    bear Kodiak magnum 45 at 28
    bear Montana 50 at 28
    black widow PL ironwood 55 at 28

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    here are mine

    I'll get this party started with my 2 this year.

    Buck was taken at 35 yards, doe was at 8 yards.

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    80# Iron Mace .300 FMJ 125G Heads & 100g insert = 19%FOC
    If that don't go plum through, i hit the wrong spot!
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    I cant believe this is the only harvest pics, come on fellas where's all the critters
    APA Mamba M6: shooting 302fps@ 64lbs @28"draw @80.45KE
    Easton 330 HEXX, brass 50grain insert and 2.0" Blazer vanes weighing finished @403 grains
    Jim fletcher .44cal and /Tru-Ball BT Gold 4 finger releases
    Shuttle T Black Ops, Steelforce Phathead broadheads

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    Got a M6 on order so i.have to wait.until this fall to post any kill pics

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