1953 Bear Polar recurve bow?


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    1953 Bear Polar recurve bow?

    Hi everyone,
    I'm hoping you guys can shed some knowledge on a bow I purchased last week.
    It has some markings on it JM317 64" 43# It also says Canada 1953 on the bow.
    Here are a few pictures, can anyone help me with how much it's worth? is it collectible?
    How is the condition? It appears to be a bit rough since the owner used it for hunting, I paid $40 is that too much for its current condition?





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    From your pictures it doesn't look bad, but the limbs and tips are what is important on bows.

    Bear bows are very collectable. Collectable keeps the price high. I don't think that I have ever seen one on eBay for less than $100. So, I think you made a very good deal. But since Bear Bows are out of my budget, I don't know how good.

    What I do know is that the 1953 has nothing to do with the manufacture date. It might be a patent date, but almost all early Bears have it. The 64 is the bows length, in AMO measurement and is mostly used to help you get the right string. The 43 is draw weight at 28 inches which is a standard measurement length. The inlaid coin is important to collectors and can be used to help date the bow. The coin changed material a few times. Hopefully someone will decode that for you.

    I would have bought it for $40 in a flash.

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    From this link, I believe you have a 1961. http://tradgang.com/cgi-bin/ultimate...;f=14;t=003321
    In '61 they started off making them a 64" with white glass laminate.
    Bear Anarchy HC x2
    Bear Anarchy SC (hunting)
    Bear Frankenbow (indoor bow)
    60th Anniversary Bear Kodiak Magnum 40#
    Cabela's Limited Edition Outfitter Recurve by Damon Howatt

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