Youth Compound Bow Recommendation?


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    Youth Compound Bow Recommendation?

    Hello everyone,

    My son is eight years old, and wants a compound bow from Santa. We have progressed through two lower poundage recurves. I would prefer the bow to be somewhat adjustable. We tried a 25 lb bow at the range last week and it was a little to heavy. I would need it to start around 15 - 20lbs.

    I have perused some kits bows from both Barnett & Bear...

    Does anyone have any experience in this arena and would be willing to make a suggestion?



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    Diamond Infinate Edge goes from 13-30 on draw length and 5-70lbs excellent to start out with, or something in the mission line up would be great as well they go from 17-30 and 15-70lbs.

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    2013 ruckus...I have one down to 8# for my daughter. As you loose draw length, poundage goes with it.

    I don't know what the 2014 can
    Or cannot do.

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    My son loves his Diamond Infinite Edge. It's a great bow and got me hooked too!
    - Mathews - Creed - 29"/70# - Camo - HHA DS-5519 - Mathews QAD Ultra Rest - Beman ICS Hunter 340 9.3 gpi and 100 grain points -
    - Son's Bow - Diamond Infinite Edge - Camo
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    PSE Miniburner or PSE Fever...draw lengths 11"-28"+/- and huge draw weight adjustment. 60# fever will go down to around 20#. For an 8 yr old probably the mini burner it weighs a pound less and will be easier to manage. If you go with a 50# you can get down to the weight you need with a lot of room to grow. My kids have one and they take turns using it...the draw length can be adjusted in seconds. It also has some zip a buddy of mine's son had a pass thru on a doe at 20 yards shooting 32#.

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    Diamond infinite edge boy has one and it's a great bow

  11. Couldn't agree more on the Infinite Edge! There's really never been a bow like it before with this amount of range!

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