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Thread: Trophy taker smack down pro rest

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    Trophy taker smack down pro rest

    Alright I'm looking at getting a new rest. I am looking at the smackdown. What is everyone's opinion of this rest?

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    i have the trophy taker xtreme, its the cheaper one, and works great for me.
    heres the best deal iv seen on it
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    Smackdown Pro can't be beat. It is quiet as a mouse and installation is simple. Nice full containment and all metal construction. They have some real nice customer service behind it too. Two thumbs up.

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    Not a Hamskea, but I like mine really well. No issues to this point.

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    Any reliability issues?

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    I think it is the best rest out, hands down! We've set up about a dozen bows with this rest in my basement, and they all tuned really quick with this rest. It's foolproof, and will always work.

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    I would definitely recommend it. It is a heck of a rest for the $. I shot a 3D course last month with some of my buddies, and I have two of them now wanting to try one of these rests...
    Very easy rest to setup, and once it is installed, it's not going anywhere.
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    I have it on my Spyder.

    Great rest. silent, smooth, quick and easy to adjust. I liked that you could attach to the limb, which was what I was looking for in a rest.

    I say buy it.
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    I love mine. I have used Ripcord and QAD, but I like it better than those two.

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    Excellent. I have an older PSE nova. It is NOT a split limb. Should I attach it to the limb anyway?

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    Also I was reading last night of some people on here back in February was having trouble with the rest pulling down because of the cord on the limbs is this still an issue or was that more installer/ user error?

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    I love mine and never had an issue at all. Like others have said its very quiet, easy to set up and works every time. I never had it move on me at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Szar View Post
    Smackdown Pro can't be beat. It is quiet as a mouse and installation is simple. Nice full containment and all metal construction. They have some real nice customer service behind it too. Two thumbs up.

    x2 from another Mike....
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    I've used several rest and It's what's on my bow. Quiet, accurate, and dependable...what more do you want.
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    Love mine!
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    Love mine - plan on buying two more this winter for other bows - super simple to setup and adjust. I second the post above on customer service - it's top notch. I have a hamskea too and see why people like it so much but I think while the trophy taker doesn't have as many bells and whistles as it does that the trophy taker is best suited for hunting, which is my primary purpose for all of my equipment.

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    Had one on my last two bows. Zero issues, quiet, easy setup. You won't regret it.
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    My all time favorite rest !
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    Wouldn't use anything else.
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