Magnus stinger/ Helix


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    Magnus stinger/ Helix

    What are differences ( Flight ,price and Quality) ?

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    I don't know anything about the Helix broad head, but I know that Magnus Stingers are probably my favorite broad head by far. I've only shot a couple of animals with them, but I've had my wife set up with the 2 blade since she's been bow hunting. I made the switch from slick tricks to stingers because I've seen the results. I love the look of them (they just look mean!!!), but more importantly, they penetrate really good, cause as much blood as any other broad head no matter what the cutting diameter, and fly super accurate. I decided to change because I wanted to ensure that I have as much penetration as possible for elk since I have a short draw length (26 inches). You back all of these pro's up with an unconditional warranty and I can't see why you would choose another fixed blade broad head. Currently I have over 20 125 gr 2 blade broad heads and have been slowly working on building my 4 blade 100 grain inventory. This is all because I have complete confidence in this broad head and company. I don't know anything about the Helix and I'm sure they do great. I love the way they look. I just can't justify choosing another fixed blade over them for my money since they have such an awesome warranty and the best qualities of a fixed blade broad head. I also forgot to mention they are the easiest I've had to sharpen. I'm not trying to sway your decision, I just really like these broad heads.

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